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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully you will find the answer to your laser engraving queries on this page. But of course if you can’t then please do not hesitate to contact us directly!

What surfaces can I engrave upon?

Almost any!

Woods, metals, glass, ceramics, stone etc can all be engraved upon, up to 1cm deep.

Can I supply my own item or material for engraving?

In most cases yes!

Depending on the size and material we are happy for you to supply whatever you wish for us to engrave upon – just ask, you’d be amazed by what we can do!

We love new challenges so please contact us directly for specific projects that are not available online.

Do you engrave firearms?

Yes we do.

We can only accept firearms with the trigger lock in place and the firing pin removed. The item will be stored in appropriate storage if needed, however we encourage firearms to be dropped off, engraved and collected on the same day.

In what format should I supply my artwork for engraving?

Please email us your chosen design or photograph as a jpeg or pdf document of the highest quality that you can.

Images can be in colour or black and white.

We accept photographs for photographic engraving up to A3 in size.

How much will my custom engraving cost?

Most of the products on this website can be ordered directly via the site and have prices attached to them according to the size of your desired text or image to be engraved.

We are always keen to help you with any special engraving projects that you may have in mind too, and for these prices vary depending on the size of the engraving and detail required.

All engravings are subject to an Artwork Fee, starting at $30. Most products you will find in our shop are inclusive of this cost.

Take a look at our Price Guide for more information on how our pricing structure works.

You can also Contact Us for a quick quote within 48hrs.

If I send my image through are you able to convert this into your required format for engraving? If so, what is the cost?

We accept images in JPEG, PDF or Vector format. Should we need to work on the artwork to create your desired engraving the cost starts at $50, increasing according to complexity of work required on our behalf.

Why is there an Artwork Fee? Click Here to find out.

Feel free to contact us for a quick and easy quote!

What is the usual turnaround time for engraved products?

Typically it takes us 3-5 days to complete your order.

Why does my timber engraving appear a little uneven?

Timber is a natural product with grain and colour variation. Potential variants in the colour and depth of your engraving upon wood only serve to prove that an authentic, natural timber has been engraved.

Please embrace this natural beauty and be aware that the wood’s features will become a part of your finished engraving.

Can laser engraving damage my electronic device?

No, laser engraving is safe to do on electronic devices. As highly skilled and experienced laser engravers we can assure you that the utmost care will be taken when engraving your electronic device so that no damage to the device will occur as a result of the engraving.

As an example of laser engraving’s safety, Apple offer custom engraving options to their customers, therefore deeming it not a risk to the functioning of the electronic device.

Should you have any trouble with you iPhone or iPad in the months after it has been engraved  please take it to an Apple store for servicing. If the item in question is assessed by Apple their due process will state whether the phone’s damage was done and by what means. Grand Engrave will confidently stand by the written assessment of the device from an authorised Apple store.

Does laser engraving my iPhone or iPad affect the validity of its warranty?


According to AppleCare representatives, engraving an Apple product does not void the Apple warranty unless the engraving process damages an Apple component.

As highly skilled and experienced laser engravers we can assure you that the utmost care will be taken when engraving your electronic device so that no damage to the device will occur as a result of the engraving.

Engraving upon your electronic device may however decrease its resale value.

What is the difference between metal engraving and laser marking metal?

It is most easily thought of in printing terms – Screen printing Vs Embroidery

Laser Marking ( Decorative )
Like screen printing, this process is on the surface of your item and has a certain look. Both Printing and Laser
Marking last a good many wears and washes yet can come away with time, abrasion, chemical like suntan lotion
and deodorants and of course perspiration. Hence we advise that Laser Marking is chosen for this vintage look
and is only applied to items that are not exposed to such conditions. (without sealant)

Laser marking is a unique way to mark your metal item without actually limiting its structural integrity meaning
that nothing is removed, hence your item is still structurally sound. This is a handsome option on decorative items
such as napkin rings, pewter tankards, silver cheese knives, aluminium menu covers, vintage look light fittings,
zinc (french provincial style), light switch back plates and nickel gentleman’s coat hangers. The finish is rather
olde worlde and has a mellow feel. The dark tone of the text is also more greatly visible than classic engraving.

Metals suited for laser marking:
Stainless steel, aluminum, silver, pewter, brass, steel, anodised aluminium, zinc, nickel, tin and many other metals
that are NOT sealed with any type of varnish so the laser’s heat can apply the marking product and make it harden.

Laser Engraving ( Functional )
Our laser engraver produces the most fine quality of engraving possible. Our engraver is a specialist laser from
Germany and is the best possible on the market.

Like embroidery, laser engraving is into the item’s surface, is absolutely permanent, is able to be very complex,
is specialised and is expensive to achieve, yet the look is undeniably chic. Intricate details are able to be engraved
even into super small items such as the inside of a wedding band! This light or deep laser cut into your precious
item adds a personalisation like no other method and assures your item is a well cared for heirloom in the future.
Your laser engraved finish is sharp and crisp.

Metals suited for laser engraving:
Aluminum, Brass, Carbide metal, Chrome, Coated metals, Cobalt, Copper, Eloxal, Gold, Platinum, Silver, Steel,
Tin, Titanium and Zinc

Do you have a physical store?

Yes, we do!

We currently have a studio in Brisbane, where you can have a look at our engraving work and place an order.

Our Address:
38 Zillman Road,
Brisbane QLD

Opening Hours:
9am – 4pm
Monday to Friday

If you cannot make it in to the studio during the opening hours we are happy to arrange a meeting at a time that may be convenient to you.

Do you ship products internationally?

Please contact us directly should you wish to have items shipped internationally and we shall see what we can do!

What are your hours of operation?

Our Brisbane studio is open 9am – 4pm Monday to Friday.

During these times you can look at samples and place orders, though we are always happy to meet by appointment outside of these times too.

All enquiries will be responded to within 48hrs.

Are you hiring?

We are not currently recruiting for staff as we are a small family run business.

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