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Custom Engraved iPhone, iPad, smart phone or laptop


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Contact Master Engraver Callvm to book in a While-You-Wait appointment for the smart phone and laptop engraving service at our Clayfield Studio.

These days we can spend a small fortune on electronics, taking iPhones, iPads and laptops everywhere we go. And although we hope that it won’t happen, there is every chance that one of these items may get lost or stolen.

So, whether they are for business or pleasure, it makes good sense to take measures to protect your devices by reliably – and beautifully – laser engraving them with some important details. This will make your life easier if claiming insurance while travelling, along with luggage tags for easy identification of suitcases.

Engraved named electronics are especially effective at large conferences, resorts, retreats and school events so that you’ll never feel lost amid the myriad of technology.

Simply purchase your engraving online and then bring your receipt along with your iPhone, iPad, laptop (or all three) to the Clayfield Studio for engraving at a time that suits you.

Do we need to take apart your device to engrave it? No. More FAQs at the bottom of the page.

We will engrave one of the following two options on your item:

Property of [NAME]

If found please call home [PHONE NO]


Property of [NAME]

If found please return to [SCHOOL/WORK/HOME ADDRESS]

Please Note: Engravings of electronic items are done by appointment only. To make a booking please text Callvm on 0438 729 948 to make arrangements for a time that suits you.


Tech Engraving FAQs

Do you have to take apart my device to engrave it?

No. Laser engraving doesn’t penetrate your device in and therefore it is not necessary to remove any parts during the engraving process. Your phone, tablet or laptop can even remain switched on whilst it is being engraved!

Can laser engraving damage my electronic device?

No, laser engraving is safe to do on electronic devices. As highly skilled and experienced laser engravers we can assure you that the utmost care will be taken when engraving your electronic device so that no damage to the device will occur as a result of the engraving.

As an example of laser engraving’s safety, Apple offer custom engraving options to their customers, therefore deeming it not a risk to the functioning of the electronic device.

Should you have any trouble with you iPhone or iPad in the months after it has been engraved  please take it to an Apple store for servicing. If the item in question is assessed by Apple their due process will state whether the phone’s damage was done and by what means. Grand Engrave will confidently stand by the written assessment of the device from an authorised Apple store.

Does laser engraving my iPhone or iPad affect the validity of its warranty?


According to AppleCare representatives, engraving an Apple product does not void the Apple warranty unless the engraving process damages an Apple component.

As highly skilled and experienced laser engravers we can assure you that the utmost care will be taken when engraving your electronic device so that no damage to the device will occur as a result of the engraving.

Engraving upon your electronic device may however decrease its resale value.

**For Custom Engraving Orders your order will be prioritised if you remember to answer these three questions when you order**

To ensure your order is engraved and dispatched without delay and it arrives just as you imagine it in your mind, please provide as much detail as possible for your custom and personalised gift. 

Before we begin processing your order for engraving we MUST know: 

• What font you would like us to engrave? 
o Check out our Top Ten Font list in images or search for the font online and tell us the name. 

• Where you would like the engraving? 
o Jot down a little picture on a piece of paper, click a picture on your smartphone and text to 0438 729 948 along with your name; REMEMBER engraving is only possible on flat surfaces. 

• What size would you like the engraving? 
o We are limited only by the flat surface area of an object. For initials we engrave up to 1 inch high, names up to 2 inches and text longer than 20 characters up to 3x3 inches. 

Please be mindful that we need to be totally understanding of your custom engraving idea so the more information you provide during checkout the faster we can have your gift to you the way you want it.

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