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Stylish Delivery of your Engraved Wooden Hangers

Presenting our brand new packaging for your custom engraved wooden hangers!

We’ve searched high and low for the perfect way in which to package and deliver to you your custom engraved hangers. And we’re so delighted with what we found we just had to share the news with you.

We simply love how elegant our wooden hangers look when they are engraved and so we wanted to make sure that they were wrapped up safely before making their way to our happy customers.

These wonderfully designed boxes can transport multiple hangers at one time, which is perfect for those of you looking to purchase a few hangers as bridal party gifts, wedding favours or wedding presents. Our engraved hangers for wedding dresses and groomsmen are particularly popular, and are such a treat to be stylishly delivered and revealed from inside of one of our boxes.

Your Custom Engraved Hangers

If you would like to get a wooden coat hanger custom engraved as a perfect gift for any occasion then please click on the button below to shop now. These wooden engraved hangers are perfect for birthday gifts, mother’s day gifts, father’s day gifts, wedding dress hangers, bridal party hangers and groomsmen hangers.

We are always happy to create custom orders should you not find the options you are looking for so please do not hesitate to contact Master Engraver Callvm about your engraved coat hangers today.

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