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Ah well these glasses are old but not that old! Sometimes things are just too good to be true and these repro glasses from Czechoslovakia were made in the 1920s and are worth hundreds not thousands according to #AntiquesRoadshow expert Andy McConnell @BBCOne

Cut Glass or Pressed Glass? 5 Top Tips to Spot Quality

Cut-Glass or Pressed Glass? 5 Top Tips to Spot Quality – Well, how old are we talking?  Because first came lightning strikes and erupting volcanoes melting sand and ash and making glass. Around 3000 B.C, man created objects by blowing glass.The Romans (first century A.D), introduced a crude form of cut-glass by faceting and relief-cutting into glass surface. In the 17th century, glass objects were created by blowing, drawing and pouring the glass until, Germany, with the production of heavy glass that could withstand carving into, developed cut-glass techniques  into the way it is practiced today by modern glassmakers.

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