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“If my heart we’re a compass, you’d be North.” Kenneth Oppel

10 Ideas to Inspire Custom Engraving 2020

engraved byo gifts

When Elton John sang the song of his friend, Bernie Taupin, (then only 18 yrs old) he could never have known “I hope you don’t mind … that I put down in words..” would still resonate with us today.

“Put down in words” a timeless message.


Graduation Grand Engrave

Heraldic Keepsakes

Heraldic Keepsakes - Grand Engrave
engraved leather trainer shoe engraving

What’s the best thing to engrave?

Choose an item that will reflect the message you are sending. A retiring officer might welcome more “decorative medals” but he/she may enjoy the message on his/her favourite pair of boots, that walked a mile with you.

Be My Valentine

Valentine's Day - Grand Engrave

Per ardua ad astra - "Through adversity to the stars"

"through adversity to the stars" Grand Engrave

Personalised Wedding Announcement Celebration Cutting Board $130

Announcement - Grand Engrave

Initials on Entry

New Homeowners - Grand Engrave

Simple words and images, a heraldic emblem on an heirloom, a mark of achievement on a trophy or a message from the heart on a keepsake. Here are some Custom Engraving Ideas to Help You Get Inspired 2020.

"La Vita e Bella" - "This life is beautiful"

"La Vita e Bella" Grand Engrave

"What feels like the end .. is often the beginning"

"what feels like the end .. is often the beginning" Grand Engrave
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