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Wood Engraving: Why is it so popular?

In the lead up to Christmas we noticed a trend...

Wooden items were increasingly being bought or brought in for engraving as personalised gifts. We’ve always loved the way that wood looks when engraved, but now it appears that our customers are loving it more and more too!

This trend makes us happy, because finished result of engraved wood always makes our clients very happy.

But why?

There’s something extremely pleasing about the look of engraved wood. The engraving enhances the wood’s natural variations in colour and patterning, without losing any quality of the engraving itself.

When we engrave wood for you we also have the option of engraving your design deep or shallow. This can create magnificent effects, contrasts and striking imagery, regardless of whether you’re engraving a word or a picture (yes, that’s a drawing OR a photograph… engraved!). What’s more, you can engrave wood to create stencils or reliefs as well.

Why does wood engraving look so good?

One of the reasons we have the capability of creating such fabulous wood engravings is because we use a laser engraving machine, the versatility of which simply cannot be matched by other engraving methods. This means that even fine, difficult cuts can be achieved. The non-contacting process means that we can engrave thin wood materials such as plywood and bamboo ply, or laser-cut balsa wood. But most people come to us for personalised engraved gifts in woods such as oak, pine, cherry, teak, walnut and other solid timbers or hardwoods, all of which we can easily engrave for you.

Now here’s the good stuff…

Engraved wood can cater for most tastes; from vintage and rustic on rugged cuts of wood through to sleek and sophisticated on smooth wooden surfaces.

Here are photos of just some of the wood engravings we’ve done for our customers:

Looks great! So what could I engrave…?

From cabinetry to photo frames to knife handles, wood engraving using our laser technology can be applied to a surprisingly wide range of items. At Grand Engrave we’ve found that giving personalised gifts for a loved one or friend who deserves that extra special something is the main reason customers keep returning for engravings.

And for the person who already has everything – or wants nothing! – we’ve found that custom engraving on beloved items already owned, like a wooden guitar pick or a jewellery box, is the best way of creating the perfect present.

When we’re wood engraving Brisbane and beyond here are some of the things we can do:

  • Personalised gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, housewarmings etc.
  • Corporate gifts
  • Wedding favours and presents
  • Photograph engraving
  • Gift tags
  • Interior design accessories
  • Architectural models
  • Christmas decorations
  • Indoor and outdoor signage
  • Inlays
  • Shop-fitting accessories such as signs

Wood Engraving Brisbane and Australia Wide

What would you like to engrave that’s made of wood? Would you like to make a feature of something in your home? Or have you got a friend moving into a new home for whom you’d like to get something special? Wood engraving can be used in so many different ways, for so many different purposes that we’d love to help you realise any engraving ideas you may have. Take a look at our Gallery Page for more engraving inspiration, or browse our online shop for gift ideas. Don’t forget you can also ring in your own items for us to engrave!

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