Year By Year Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Traditional Anniversary Gifts for Each Year

Ever wondered what the different traditional anniversary gifts are for each year celebrated?

We were having a chat in the office the other day about what the traditional anniversary gifts were for all the different years, and after a little bit of research we enjoyed discovering all the different materials applicable to each year of celebration.

So we thought we would put together this handy little blog giving you a run down of what we found.

Here’s a list of traditional anniversary gifts so that you never get stuck for a present idea again!

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

1st: Paper
2nd: Cotton
3rd: Leather
4th: Fruit & Flowers, or Linen & Silk
5th: Wood
6th: Iron / Candy
7th: Wool/ Copper
8th: Bronze
9th: Pottery
10th: Tin/ Aluminum
11th: Steel
12th: Silk
13th: Lace
14th: Ivory
15th: Crystal
20th: China
25th: Silver
30th: Pearl
35th: Coral
40th: Ruby
45th: Sapphire
50th: Gold
55th: Emerald
60th: Diamond

Our ideas for traditional anniversary gifts: